Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Changes

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been blogging, but I’ve been learning to walk, sit, and stay. Well, and growing… It is a lot harder than it seems, not the growing part. I hardly notice that at all, until I see myself in the mirror, dishwasher reflection, or try to fit in Dad’s lap to take a nap.

So much has happened I hardly know where to start. I have been to the Vet’s twice and I like them a lot. I think I heard Dad on the phone talking about us going there again this week for a booster shot.

I have really been enjoying the walks I take with Dad. I wasn’t a big fan when we started them, but I was just a pup then. Now we take 2 walks a day around 2 miles each. They make me tired both mentally and physically. Thinking is harder than it looks…

Mom and Dad introduced me to a man who is really working me hard. His name is Tony Filippone and he is a professional dog trainer. He is training all three of us, but Mom and Dad don’t have to wear a collar. I don’t see to be able to get him to do what I want like I can Mom and Dad… He says stuff, and MEANS it… 

Well, time for a nap so I can be ready for my afternoon walk! I think Dad wants to say something too.

Ben is right. I do want to say what a great decision it was to hire Tony. Both Janet and I have had dogs, and I have taken dogs through group obedience classes before. I watch Cesar. I knew the basics. I thought. I may have been able to take Ben to 50% of what he could be, but I doubt he would have been that responsive to everyone, even me all the time. Ben deserves better than 50%. Don’t all dogs? I mean we brought them into our homes out of their natural order, we should at least make their lives with their human pack as “natural” as possible. That means we need to be strong leaders and 50% isn’t good enough. Tony has been training dogs and their owners for over 30 years and knows how to train both. If you have a dog, no matter how young or old, that has “issues”, he can help.


  1. Hey Ben! Great to hear from you. After I was adopted from Homeward Bound, my momma had a trainer come over to train them too. Trust me, Ben... the training is more for them than it is for you! And, you'll have to work a lot harder on the puppy eyes to get out of trouble when you sneak naughty things ;-) Mom said to tell you that you're super adorable and she can't believe how big you've gotten! She just loves watching the HB puppies grow and grow :-)

    1. Thanks Corbin! last trip on the scale put me at 20 pounds and Mom can't stop talking about how long my legs are. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. GruffHello there, great to see you! Well it's like our Little2Legs going to School - for soon you will be able to walk on your lead and demonstrate obedience so brilliantly everybody will want to come over to you to make a fuss and tell you how marvellous you are - it's worth it just for that! We went to classes, I used to have such fun at half-time when we were all allowed to run free and play....I was excellent in class, (if I say so myself!) alas slightly less so out and about!....a bit of a learning curve for all of us, I am told (can't see how my intellect can be improved upon, but I am told all Terrier's think that!)...maybe you can teach us other 4Legs some of your new learnings soon...and my, you are growing! (Barnie x)