Friday, March 16, 2012

Big and Sleepy

Sorry I haven’t been writing much, but I’ve been a tired pup. I think it is all the growing I’ve been doing. According to Dad, I now weigh 16 pounds, that is 9 pounds more than I weighed when Mom and Dad brought me home 3 weeks ago!

So I have been sleeping a lot! I am about to outgrow my bed, but it is still a great place to lie down. I do like to be held while I’m falling asleep, this may pose a problem when I run out of lap.

I am learning to go look at the door when I want to go out. The only problem is I sometimes want to go outside right after I pee on the rug, but it is something.  Playing is a lot of fun even though I’m not allowed to bite Mom and Dad like I would my puppy friends. These warm days have been great. I love going out and chasing leaves and sticks and shadows. Walking  up the street is still a little too exciting for me sometimes and I just want to sit down and see what happens.

We went to my favorite place in the world, PetSmart. I have the best time seeing everyone, even the cats. I really like the birds, and they have fish like my Dad’s. Everyone wants to pet me and they all tell me how cute I am. One of the girls who works there even remembered my name! I got to watch a lot of the older dogs that were in an obedience class walk around. It is a lot of fun.

Well, until next time, be sure to pet a puppy every chance you get!

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