Monday, June 4, 2012

Pitty Post Day

This is from my friend Corbin’s blog:
Pitty Post Day!

I'm so excited that today is finally the day!  It's Blogville Pitty Post Day!  I can't wait to get around and visit everyone who joined me in celebrating all that is great about Pit Bulls!

I love Corbin and his Mommy. I'm glad they told me about Pitty Post day. What can I say on Pitty Post Day? Ban me! I’m a beast, just look at me can’t you tell I’m a monster?

Me and Mr. Moose taking a power nap...

No! I’m not a monster, I’m a Super Hero! I’ve got a cape and everything! Here to lick faces and spread Puppy love everywhere I go…

Super Puppy!

If you are reading this blog, I’m preaching to the choir, but please spread the word to everyone you know about Ben the beast…Pit Bull mix.

Ben the beast


  1. Hey Ben! It's so great that you did a post for Pitty Post Day! Hopefully we got the word out to some people who might have had negative views on Pitties! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Ben you are a dark horse, I never knew you were part Pitty - all I see is a real cutey pie wearing a fetching cape and getting ever bigger day by day! - paw, all dogs are cute, shame about some of the owners ey! I loved Mr Moose - bless yer heart little/big chap! (reminded me of my Kevin, though cute he aint! - ha ha) x