Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

 I don’t know about you, but I love rainy days at home with Dad. There aren’t a lot of differences between rainy and sunny days except Dad does less on the rainy days. Dad doing less = Dad doing more with me!

Even with all the extra time Dad and I had, I did have time to use my imagination and play. I love to play in my favorite place in the house after Dad’s lap, my window.

I have all my toys in my window, my bed, my bones, my balls, my critters, and Mom’s curtains.

Here I am acting like I’m hiding in the jungle. You can’t see me right?

Now I’m camping in my…, what else, pup-tent.

I know it is early for Halloween, but I’m a ghost, Boo!

Dad likes to read on rainy days, I like my window...


  1. GruffHello there Ben!! Room for a little hairy one on that window! I gotta say, my Daddy2Legs has this new bike, well..... and the rain has been a pouring here in Yorkshire beyond biblical terms, and he likes me to lead him on his rides, there I am, most nights lately, leading the way, well you aint ever seen so much mud about me and Daddy2Legs - Mummy2Legs is past herself, all that cleaning when we get home, so, I think, if you will have me, I am there, by your side, by that lovely window - bliss !! love Bordoggy Barnie x