Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello, I'm Ben

Hello, my name is Ben, my new Mommy sometimes calls me Benjamin, but that is generally when I get really excited. 

I came to my new home this weekend after a long drive where we heading up to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue with my 6 siblings and my 6 adopted siblings!  You see... when my Mom was rescued, she was rescued with another Momma... but that Momma didn't make it, so my Mom adopted her puppies,and then my Mom had 13 puppies! My doggy Mom is a really gentle and sweet dog, and I think I take after her!

I was asleep when my new Mommy and Dad first saw me, but I was told they get really excited when they saw me. A man who took one of my brothers home handed my exhausted limp body to my Mom and she couldn't let me go.

So now I'm learning all kind of new things! Chewing on only "my" toys and not Mom and Dad was first. I know where I eat and where I should sleep. Mom and Dad also want me to pee and poop outside but it is so cold my little body just locks right up, but I am using the wee-wee pads, so that is something.

Another exciting thing I learned was to climb stairs! That is fun, but my little clumsy puppy muscles make every stair an adventure so Mom and dad watch me really close. (They don't know it yet, but I'll be running up them by the end of the week!)

I would like to write more now, but I have to chew my toys for 10 more minutes before I collapse and take a nap....

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  1. Hiya Ben buddy! I'm also a Homeward Bound Alumni with my own blog! It's very important to document your life, especially with a young lad like yourself! You'll be growing big and strong in now time. My mom met your momma and told me all about how wonderful she is. I wish I got to meet her too, but I'm going through some back troubles, so my momma said we have to take a break from fostering. Anywho, I look forward to reading more about you dude!